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Sweeter With Sprinkles! And a cookie dip recipe

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Posted on August 08 2023

Sweeter With Sprinkles! And a cookie dip recipe



Transforming the ordinary to whimsically fun is easy! 

Those with a Dutch background know about chocolate sprinkles on toast or beschuit (rusks).
We have more ideas for those beloved sprinkles along with their colourful counterparts!

DeRuijter Anise Hail | Fruit Hail | Forest Fruit Hail

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Boost your baking!

Cupcakes, cookies and cakes can use a pop of colour and texture! Simply add it into your mix before you bake. Turn box mixes into custom masterpieces and inject extra personality into homemade batters.

Delightful decorations!

Beauty on the outside is encouraged as well! Sprinkle over frosted cupcakes and cakes, double dip cookies in icing or chocolate then the sprinkles.


Toasted treats!

Boost your breakfast toast or beschuit (rusks). Good old chocolate sprinkles are great, but have you tried the colourful hails or the white anise hail? Spread butter, chocolate spread, or a nut butter on your toast of choice and top with a colourfully contrasting accompanyment.

Swaying selective eaters!

Got young picky eaters? Oatmeal, veggies, pasta etc. can be made appealing with colourful ease. Let them add the sprinkles themselves and get interactive with it too. It's amazing seeing your little one so delighted in the sprinkles that they forget to focus on their food aversions! 


Have you tried cookie dip?

This dip is reminiscent of the "Dunkaroo" dips we had as kids! 

1 Confetti cake mix (unprepared*)
2 Cups Yogurt* (plain or vanilla)
3 Cups Whipped Topping
DeRuijter Sprinkles

Combine cake mix, yogurt and whipped topping in a bowl.
Incorporate your choice of DeRuijter sprinkles.
Transfer to a serving bowl and top with additional sprinkles.
Chill in the fridge until set (30min +)
Serve with shortbread or sugar cookies, or try with animal or graham crackers!

*Notes and variations:
• Most store bought cake mixes are rated safe to eat raw. If, however, you are unsure you can dry-bake the mix. Spread the dry cake mix out on a baking sheet and bake at 350F for 7-10min or until the flour reaches 160F. Cool to room temp before using.
• Try using cream cheese in place of some or all of the yogurt.
• Want more sweetness? Use vanilla yogurt and/or add powdered sugar.
• Want less sweetness? Use plain yogurt and/or cream cheese.


Go ahead and sprinkle some magic in your day!

We'd love to see your sprinkle creations! Tag us on Instagram or Facebook.

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  • Rose: September 19, 2023

    The Forest fruit sprinkles were a gorgeous colour for my daughter’s birthday cupcakes! Thanks!

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