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About Us

Holland Shopping Centre is located in New Westminster, British Columbia, on the south-west coast of Canada (about a 2½ hour drive from Seattle, WA). In 1958 Mr. and Mrs. John and Helen de Haas began a door-to-door service for Dutch immigrants. They soon established a shop in New Westminster on Kingsway. After remaining there for three years, the store moved to a location on Sixth Street. Within a year they required a larger location and moved to the opposite side of Sixth Street. In 1977, the store moved to Eighth Avenue, In 2009 the store moved to our current location on Columbia Street East.

When Mr. and Mrs. de Haas retired, they passed on the store to their oldest son, Bas, and his wife, Alice. In 1995, Bas and Alice decided to focus exclusively on importing and sold the store to Tako Slump and Bram Eigenraam. In 2002, Tako Slump became the sole owner, opening a second location in Chilliwack, BC, during that same year. Tako emigrated from Groningen, the Netherlands in 1995. He and his wife, Frances, have exceptional knowledge of Dutch products.

Our mail order service has been running since 1983, when we sent out our first catalogue. We established a website in 2000 in order to provide our customers with a quick and convenient method of ordering. Our customers reside mainly in Canada and the United States, but we have shipped products as far as Israel and even Holland!

We are proud to have supplied Dutch products to North America for so many years. If you are ever in the area of New Westminster or Chilliwack we would be happy to see you here.