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Maggi Stamppot Gravy Mix - 24gr.

Maggi Stamppot Gravy Mix - 24gr.


Use water or cooking juices to make the gravy For a delicious, spiced taste to give your meal that extra kick Good for 300 ml of gravy On the table in 3 minutes

Ingredients Potato starch wheat flour palm oil salt yeast extract onions (5.8%) caramelised sugar flavor enhancer (E621) flavors (contains milk) Red pepper natural clove flavor
May contain celery, egg, mustard, soy.

Preparation method 1) Melt 25g butter and let it light brown or take a leftover of the roasting liquid and heat it. 2) Add 250ml of water and the contents of the sachet. 3) Bring this to a boil while stirring with a whisk and your gravy is ready. Variation tip! Add 2 tablespoons of fried bacon to the gravy.