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Jumbo Onion Gravy Mix - 18g.

Jumbo Onion Gravy Mix - 18g.


Gravy mix with onion

Ingredients: Potato starch onion 19.6% salt sugar aromas (wheat, milk, mustard) maltodextrin yeast extract caramelized sugar tomato barley malt extract hydrolyzed vegetable protein (corn and / or rapeseed) palm fat potassium salt allspice
Allergens Wheat and barley (gluten), milk, mustard.
May contain traces of egg, soy and celery.

Pan: melt 25 g of butter and let it brown slightly. Add 250 ml of cold water and the contents of the bag of mix for gravy with onion. Then bring to the boil while stirring (with a whisk). Cook for 2 minutes at a moderate temperature.