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Jumbo Garden Herb Gravy Mix - 18g.

Jumbo Garden Herb Gravy Mix - 18g.


Powdered gravy mix with herbs. Just add water!

Pan: melt 25 g of butter and let it brown slightly. Add 250 ml of cold water and the contents of the bag. Then bring to the boil while stirring (with a whisk). Cook for 2 minutes at a moderate temperature.

Ingredients: Corn starch salt yeast extract vegetable fats (palm, shea) garden herbs 2.2% (parsley, celery, tarragon, thyme) maltodextrin aroma onion tomato spinach 0.9% paprika paprika powder cumin colorant: E150d (sulphite) hydrolyzed protein (corn and / or rapeseed) caramel E = adjuvant approved by EU.
Allergens: celery, sulphite.