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Knorr Hachee Mix - 59g

Knorr Hachee Mix - 59g


With Knorr Dutch Hachee Meal Mix you can quickly put a delicious meal with lots of vegetables on the table, without flavor enhancers, artificial colors and preservatives.

- Knorr Dutch Hachee Meal Mix is ​​easy and quick to prepare
- Tip for extra vegetables: serve with potatoes and red beets
- The Dutch Hachee Meal Mix is ​​a dish for 3 to 4 people
- Carefully dried and mixed with herbs and spices
- Mix without preservatives, artificial colorings and flavor enhancers

ingredients: Wheat flour roasted onion^1 15% potato starch tomato powder^1 12% salt aroma sugar caramel syrup hydrolyzed vegetable proteins palm fat yeast extract maltodextrin lemon juice powder^1 0.7% (sugar, lemon juice, salt) spices (pepper, cloves, parsley root^1) mineral salt (potassium) bay leaf ^1 grown sustainably.

Contains: wheat | May Contain: Celery, Eggs, Gluten-containing grains, Milk, Mustard, soy