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Honig Goulash Mix - 78g

Honig Goulash Mix - 78g


With Honig base for Goulash you can make a traditional Hungarian stew. Goulash tastes good with rice, potatoes and/or pasta: by adding fresh ingredients, such as vegetables and meat, you can put a delicious dish on the table. 

-Goulash for 3 to 4 people
-Preparation time: 20 minutes, stewing time 2 hours
-Add yourself: stewing beef, onion, bell pepper, rice

Contains: Wheat, Soy

Ingredients: Wheat flour starch vegetables (tomato, onion) spices (paprika powder, cayenne pepper, cloves) salty broth powder (soy) rice flour sugar herbs (garlic, bay leaf, parsley) natural flavors (contain wheat) beef extract rapeseed oil dye (paprika extract) maltodextrin