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Conimex Saté Marinade - 38g

Conimex Saté Marinade - 38g


Satay is the Indonesian name for roasted meat, chicken or shrimp strung on a stick. With this mix of Asian spices you can quickly marinate all kinds of meat, fish and shrimp. Grill the marinated satay in a pan or on the BBQ and serve with rice and vegetables.

Tip: also very tasty in combination with Fried Onions.

Add yourself: 500 gr unsalted pork or chicken in cubes, 1 bag of Conimex Peanut Sauce Sauce.

Ingredients Sugar salt Yeast extract ginger garlic Vegetable oil (sunflower, palm) Maltodextrin Bell pepper Galangawortel black pepper Uipoeder Soy sauce (soybean, wheat) Yeast extract Lemon juice cumin Aroma (contains celery)
Allergy Warning: May contain- Celery, eggs, Milk, wheat, barley, Soya