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Conimex Boemboe Red Curry - 95g

Conimex Boemboe Red Curry - 95g


With Conimex red curry you can make a spicy Thai curry with red peppers and coconut.

Add yourself: 350 g chicken fillet, 100 g snow peas, 100 g cherry tomatoes, 200 ml coconut milk. Without artificial colorings. For 3-4 people.

Ingredients Dextrose vegetable oils (rapeseed, sunflower) onion water sambal oelek 7.4% (red pepper, salt, food acid E270, water) sugar salt modified corn starch galanga root lemongrass vinegar tomato paste fully hardened palm fat aroma garlic coriander shrimp powder paprika flavor enhancer E621 chili pepper preservative E202 E = by the E.G. approved excipient.