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Spice Cup #1 Nasi Goreng - 100g

Spice Cup #1 Nasi Goreng - 100g


Spice paste for Nasi Goreng

Ingredients Onions sunflower oil Freshly ground peppers Paprika powder Shallot puree (shallots 74.2%) vegetable stock Natural aroma Garlic paste (garlic 75%) gluten Soya sauce (molasses, water, soya extract, water, soya beans, wheat flour), caramel, preservative E211, nutritional acid (lactic acid), salt 1.86, aroma) salt Garlic powder pepper
Allergy Warning Contains wheat Contains gluten Contains Soya

Instructions: 500 gr. cooked rice, 250 gr. Cooked meat. Per 100 gr. Seasoning mix: Cook rice Fry the meat in 2 tablespoons of oil and add the spice mix. Add the rice and salt to taste and fry together, stiring occasionally. Serve with baked egg, atjar, kroepoek and sambal.