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Conimex Kroepoek - Jakarta - 75g.

Conimex Kroepoek - Jakarta - 75g.


This Jakarta krupuk is a light prawn crackers based on vegetable ingredients such as cassava, tapioca and a delicious mix of vegetables and herbs.

Prawn crackers, or original 'Kerupuk' in Indonesia, is an indispensable part of Indian cuisine! This seasoning is delicious as a side dish with almost any Asian dish, but a handful of prawn crackers as a snack is also possible!

Tip: Delicious with Gado Gado salad!

Cassava 29%, sunflower oil, tapioca flour, cane sugar, leek, horseradish, spices (chili, garlic, white pepper, turmeric), salt, onion powder, vinegar, carrot.
May contain gluten, shellfish, egg, soy, milk.