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Conimex Kroepoek - Saté - 75g

Conimex Kroepoek - Saté - 75g


Kroepoek. Asian snack based on tapioca flour and shrimps.

Traditionally kneaded and baked, prawn crackers are the crunchy side dish for your Asian meal or as a snack in between. Did you know that kerupuk is a collective name for all kinds of tasty crunchy snacks? In addition to shrimp or cassava prawn crackers, there are even more varieties to discover! With Conimex products you can prepare excellent dishes with delicious Asian flavors at home in just a few steps. With tasty seasonings such as prawn crackers, fried onions, atjar, sweet soy sauce, sambal and of course satay sauce, every meal tastes different.

Ingredients Tapioclasm sunflower oil Shrimp 14% sugar salt Modified tapioca starch Spices (paprika, ginger, pepper, cumin seeds) garlic Flavor enhancer E621 Soy sauce (salt, soybean, wheat, maltodextrin), Uipoeder Yeast extract Acid regulator (E330, E262) Aroma (contains milk) paprika extract
May contain egg, peanut, celery.