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Silvo Mussel Spice Mix - 20g.

Silvo Mussel Spice Mix - 20g.


Since 1833, Silvo has brought you passion and expertise in this familiar mix for mussels with the fresh taste of leek and parsley. ✓ Without hydrogenated fats ✓ Without added MSG ✓ Without preservatives ✓ Without artificial colors

Ingredients Spices 19.5% (dried onion, dried garlic, celery seed) modified starch root herbs 11.1% (parsley 8%, thyme, chervil) leek 11% salt 9.4% corn syrup wheat fiber dried tomato natural aromas Total herbs and spices content: 30.6%. Preparation method • Rinse 2 kg of mussels under cold running water. • Remove the opened and broken shells. • Bring the mussels to a boil with a cup of cold water or white wine, a finely chopped onion and the mix over high heat. • As soon as the foam touches the lid, shake the mussels and bring to the boil again. • Repeat this 3 times. The mussels are then cooked and the shells open. • Do not add salt or pepper.

Tip • Delicious with baguette with herb butter or fries with Silvo Shake It fries, herbs and various sauces.