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Verstegen Carrot (Hutspot) Spice Mix - 10g

Verstegen Carrot (Hutspot) Spice Mix - 10g



Put 1 kg of peeled and chopped potatoes with water and a little salt in a large pan and place on low heat. After five minutes add 700g sliced ​​winter carrots and 250g sliced ​​onions. Boil the whole thing for 25 minutes. Drain and mash it all finely. Add this mix, a dash of milk and a knob of butter through it. Delicious with a Dutch meatball, brisket, sausage or bacon.

Ingredients: 47% onion, salt, spices (5% turmeric, 4% paprika, 3% pepper, 3% nutmeg, celery seed, fennel seed), 3% herbs (parsley)

Allergens Contains: Celery