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Verstegen Fried Rice/Noodles (Nasi/Bami) Spice Mix - 30g

Verstegen Fried Rice/Noodles (Nasi/Bami) Spice Mix - 30g


Mix for fried rice & bami goreng

(For 4 people): cook 350 g rice or noodles in plenty of boiling water until al dente. Heat oil in a wok and fry 300 g pork or chicken (cut into cubes). Add this mix and 300 g bami/nasi vegetables and wok briefly for a crispy taste. Stir in the rice or noodles. Serve the nasi or bami with prawn crackers and Verstegen satay sauce.


  • Spices (18% coriander, paprika, 5% ginger, turmeric, cumin, sereh, galangal, fenugreek, chilies, pepper)
  • salt
  • vegetables (onion, 2% bell pepper, carrot, garlic, leek)
  • rice flour


No Allergens