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Verstegen Beef (Rundvlees) Shaker - 300g

Verstegen Beef (Rundvlees) Shaker - 225g



Requirements (for 4 people): 800 g beef (rib) steaks or steaks, approx. 1½ tbsp (16 g) Verstegen mix, 4 tbsp oil, approx. 300 ml water.

Preparation: cut the beef (rib) or steak steaks into coarse pieces and season with the Verstegen mix, let it soak in for a while. Heat a frying pan with the (sunflower) oil and briefly brown the meat on high heat. Lower the heat and deglaze with the water. Let the meat stew on low heat for about 2-3 hours with the lid on the pan. Add extra water if necessary during stewing. Turn the meat occasionally.

Variation tip: for a spicy twist: add 1 tbsp sambal and a dash of sweet soy sauce/soy sauce. 
The stew meat is also extremely suitable for a stew with fries. Pull the meat apart with a fork and serve with fries/frites and mayonnaise/frites sauce.

Ingredients: Salt, 23% spices (coriander, pepper, ginger, 0.7% mace, cloves, cardamom, chilies), maltodextrin, laurel