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Calve YoFresh Mayonnaise Jar - 650ml

Calve YoFresh Mayonnaise Jar - 650ml


Your trusted Calvé Yofresh is made from good and pure ingredients such as vegetable oil, vinegar and free-range eggs, without artificial flavors. Calvé, how tasty is that?

- Calvé Yofresh is a delicious fresh mayonnaise based on yogurt
- A pot of Calvé Yofresh contains 15% fresh yogurt for that real Yofresh taste
- With pure ingredients such as free-range eggs, vegetable oil and vinegar
- Calvé Yofresh contains no artificial flavors
- Delicious with baked potatoes, chicken and lettuce or as a spread for a sandwich
- Calvé Yofresh is also suitable for vegetarian

Tip: Calvé Yofresh is delicious with baked potatoes, salad or chicken. Calvé Yofresh is also delicious on a sandwich or a healthy sandwich with cheese, salad, cucumber and tomato.

Ingredients Water rapeseed oil 25% yogurt 15% sugar herbal vinegar (vinegar, herbal extract) modified corn starch glucose-fructose syrup egg yolk 2.3% (free range) salt mustard (water, mustard seed , vinegar, salt, spices, natural flavouring) thickener: xanthan gum food acid: citric acid preservative: sorbic acid antioxidant E385

Allergen Alerts Contains Eggs Contains milk Contains Mustard