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DeRuijter Fruit Hail - 400g

DeRuijter Fruit Hail - 400g


Sugar sprinkles made with fruit juice

De Ruijter Vruchten Hagel offers a good variation from the chocolate sprinkles. You can use De Ruijter fruit sprinkles as a unique and sweet topping, delicious for a sandwich, rusk, in oatmeal, breakfast cereal or yogurt. 
You can even decorate  with it, such as cupcakes, cakes or pastries. 
With De Ruijter fruit sprinkles you can turn every meal into a sweet and colorful feast! Delicious for any time!

Ingredients Sugar wheat starch Apple juice 5% Dextrose Natural aroma Safflower extract Dyes (beta-carotene, carmine)
Allergy Warning Contains wheat