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DeRuijter Mini Assorted Hail (8pk) - 140g

DeRuijter Mini Assorted Hail (8pk) - 4x20g


Can you never choose what to put on your bread? That is no longer necessary with DeRuijter Kleintjes Sprinkleable! The various types of spreads (sprinkles and flakes) from DeRuijter ensure a unique experience on every sandwich.

Ingredients: Sugars (dextrose, sugar), Wheat starch, Skimmed cocoa powder, Cocoa butter, Apple juice (5%), Skimmed milk powder, Soy lecithin, Natural aroma, Milk fat, Safflower extract, Dyes (beta-carotene, carmine), Lactose

Contains Lactose, Milk, Wheat, and Soy