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Koopman's Gluten Free Pancake Mix - 400g

Koopman's Gluten Free Pancake Mix - 400g


With Koopmans Pancakes Gluten-free, you can easily make delicious pancakes for the whole family!

Ingredients: Potato starch, Cornstarch, Buckwheat flour, Rice flour, Modified cornstarch, Sugar, Raising agents (calcium phosphates, potassium carbonates), Salt

Preparation: With one pack you can make around 12 pancakes.
Add yourself: 800 ml milk 3 eggs butter or oil Kitchenware Whisk or mixer
1. Put the mix in a mixing bowl and add half of the milk.
2. Stir the whole with a whisk or mixer until smooth.
3. Add the rest of the milk and the 3 eggs while stirring.
4. Let the frying pan get hot and heat a knob of butter or a dash of oil in a frying pan.
5. Pour some batter into the pan, let it run over the bottom and fry the pancakes on both sides until golden brown.
Tips & variations • You can keep fried pancakes warm between two plates, standing on a pan of boiling water. You can also heat them in the oven (about 50 ° C) or in the microwave.