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Koopman's Complete (Egg) Pancake Mix - 400g

Koopman's Complete (Egg) Pancake Mix - 400g


Pancakes Complete is a handy mix for baking delicious pancakes. You only need to add water and easily make a stack of about 10 pancakes.

Ingredients: Wheat flour, Whey powder, Buckwheat flour, Chicken whole egg powder (4%), Rye flour, Raising agents (calcium phosphates, potassium carbonates), Salt

Contains Eggs, Milke, Rye, and Wheat

Add yourself: 700ml water, butter or oil
1. Put the mix in a mixing bowl and add half the water (350 ml).
2. Stir the whole with a whisk or mixer until a smooth batter.
3. Add the rest of the water while stirring.
4. Put a knob of butter or a dash of oil in a frying pan and let the pan get very hot.
5. Pour some batter into the pan, let it run out over the bottom and fry the pancakes on not too high a heat on both sides until golden brown.
Hints - You can keep the baked pancakes warm between two plates on top of a pan of boiling water. You can also heat them in the oven (approx. 50 °C) or in the microwave. - For cheese pancakes: pour batter into the pan. Press 4 slices of cheese per pancake into the batter. Then spoon a little batter over the cheese slices. - For bacon pancakes: first put the bacon in the pan and then pour the batter over it. After cooling, you can keep the pancakes covered in the fridge for up to 2 days. Frozen, the pancakes can be kept for up to 3 weeks.