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Oetker Taartina - 5x12g

Oetker Taartina - 5x12g


Cake jelly clear

The tart jelly from Taartina gives a nice shine to the fruits and is easy to cut.

A pack of Dr. Oetker Taartina contains 5 bags of 12 grams. 1 bag of Taartina is sufficient for 200-250 ml of fruit juice or water.

Do you want to make cake jelly with a color? This can be done with mixed lemonade. Use the amount of water stated on the package and dilute it with the lemonade. The amount of lemonade you make depends on the color of cake jelly you want.

Ingredients: Starch, Carrageenan, Potassium tartrates, Potassium chloride (gelling agent)