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Jumbo Cheese & Onion Chips - 250g

Jumbo Cheese & Onion Chips - 250g


Potato chips with cheese and onion flavor

You taste it!
Only with good spuds you get tasty chips, so we select specific varieties.

Cracking good
We fry them in clear sunflower oil, which makes them nice and crispy. And we give all our flavors the right mix of herbs and spices.

This is how we make our chips that you can enjoy for a long time!

Ingredients Potatoes 60.2% sunflower oil 32.8% onion powder 1.7% lactose (milk) salt whey powder (milk) potassium salt sugar cheese powder 0,4% (milk, salt, starter, rennet) natural flavor (milk) spice extract (paprika, turmeric) yeast extract Milk