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Verkade Cheese & Onion Crackers - 150g

Verkade Cheese & Onion Crackers - 150g


Shuttels Cheese & Onion are delicious oven-baked crackers covered with a touch of onion. The crackers are rich in taste because they are sprinkled with a layer of cheese. Deliciously brittle and crispy. Tasty combination of cheese and onion.


Ingredients: Wheat flour, Vegetable oil (coconut, palm), Cheese (10%) [gouda (6%), edam (3%), cheese powder (1%), annatto], Sugar, Onion powder (4%), Aromas (lactose and milk proteins), Raising agents (ammonium and sodium carbonates), Poppy seed, Salt

Contains Lactose, Milk, and Wheat

May contain Eggs, Soy, and Sesame