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Pickwick Rooibos Variation Pack - (20x1.5g)

Pickwick Rooibos Variation Pack - (20x1.5g)


Assortment of flavored rooibos with spices and/or lemon and orange peels and/or partially extracted vanilla and/or ginger and natural caramel flavour.

This Pickwick variation box contains 4 delicious rooibos blends: rooibos cinnamon (original), rooibos vanilla, rooibos citrus, rooibos caramel & ginger

*Something for everyone
*Naturally Caffeine-free
*From a Rainforest Alliance certified tea plantation


  • Original: rooibos*, spices (11%) (cinnamon (7%), cardamom, ginger).
  • Citrus: rooibos*, rosehip, natural aroma, orange peel (6%), lemon peel (2%).
  • Vanilla: rooibos*, blackberry leaves, natural aroma, partially extracted vanilla (1%).
  • Caramel & ginger: rooibos*, cinnamon, blackberry leaves, lemongrass, ginger (8%), natural aroma, liquorice, beetroot, natural caramel aroma (1%).
  • *Rainforest Alliance Certifiedᵀᴹ