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Venco Drop Toppers Zacht & Zoet - 350g.

Venco Drop Toppers Zacht & Zoet - 330g.


If you like Soft & Sweet, these delicious Droptoppers are your choice: a delicious soft licorice mix with Drops, Pyramids and DropFruit Duos. Due to their characteristic flavors they are the top selection if you like sweet licorice.

Ingredients: Sugar (glucose syrup, caramelized sugar, sugar), Water, Gelatin, Modified starch, Melado, Starch, Licorice root extract (2%), Salmiak salt (1%), Maltodextrin, Glycerol, Lactic acid, Vegetable oils (coconut, canola), Natural aromas, Dyes (vegetable carbon, paprika oleoresin, curcumin), Glazing agents (beeswax, carnauba wax), Concentrate (carrot, black currant)