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Van Melle Advokaat Toffees - 1kg.

Van Melle Advokaat Toffees - 1kg.


Van Melle Advocaat toffees are delicious old fashioned toffees with Dutch egg nog flavour. If you are tired of the usual flavors and are looking for something new this is your product. Delicious, smooth and incredible toffees with an egg liqueur flavor. Undoubtedly, the recipe of Van Melle is perfect and you can rekindle the flavor of the typical egg liqueur that, together with the sweetness of the sugar, will make this your favorite tofee. Individually wrapped, you can enjoy them wherever and whenever you want.

Advocaat means lawyer in Dutch and is also a traditional throat soothing Dutch drink for lawyers. Lawyers like to talk, this drink soothed their throat. The famous yellow fudge candy has the same eggnog flavor.

Ingredients: glucose syrup , sugar, vegetable fat, gelatin humectant (glycerol) flavors , gelling agent ( gum arabbische ) dextrin , coloring ( beta - carotene)