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Venco Farm Licorice (Boerderij) - 1kg.

Venco Farm Licorice (Boerderij) - 1kg.


Venco Boerderijdrop or Farm Shape Licorice is a traditional Dutch licorice that is moderately salty and chewy.

Venco uses a recipe of pure licorice extract, salmiak and aniseed for this firm salty farm licorice. This combination gives a full licorice taste that lingers for a long time.

Ingredients: Sugars (glucose syrup, melado, sugar), Modified starch, Gelatin (sulfite), Salmiak salt (5.3%), Licorice root extract (3.5%), Starch, Vegetable oils (coconut, canola), Anise oil, Beeswax

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