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Gift Basket - Indonesian

Gift Basket - Indonesian


Indonesia was once a Dutch colony and some Indonesian dishes are a staple in many Dutch households!

• Jumbo Mie Noodles
• Jumbo Kroepoek
• Jumbo Wok Noodles
• Conimex Pinda Sate Sauce Mix
• Jumbo Boemboe
• Conimex Babi Pangang Mix
• Conimex Nasi Goreng
• Conimex Bami Goreng
• Conimex Atjar Tjampoer 
• Conimex Ketjap Manis (250ml)
• Jumbo Sambal

Products within the basket may contain: gluten, milk, soy, nuts, tree nuts

Subject to substitutions or changes depending on stock

If you have any special requests for your basket, please contact us at hsc@hollandshop.com or (604) 792-0272