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Gift Basket - Dinner

Gift Basket - Dinner


Send some dinner inspiration and a great pantry stockup!

• Maggi Dutch Aroma (100ml)
• Conimex Speciaal Mix
• Silvo Spice Bags (x2)
• Jumbo Gravy Mix (x2)
• Maggi Ovendish/Pan/Casserole Mixes (x2)
• Hak Kale (680gr)
• Jumbo Mini Spice Shaker
• Honig Spice Bag
• Jumbo Cup-A-Soup
• Huisman Zaanse Mustard Jar
• Jumbo Sauce Mix
• Jumbo Pasta Mix
• Honig Dinner Mix
• Chicken Tonight

Products within the basket may contain: gluten, milk, soy, nuts, tree nuts

Subject to substitutions or changes depending on stock

If you have any special requests for your basket, please contact us at hsc@hollandshop.com or (604) 792-0272