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Hugenot Cross Pendant (Silver) - Medium

Hugenot Cross Pendant (Silver) - Medium


2.5cm x 1cm
Sterling Silver

The Huguenots chose to be identified by the Maltese Cross rather than the Roman Cross. The Maltese Cross has four arms of equal length, but each becomes progressively broader as it leaves the center. The outer edge of each arm is indented in the shape of a V. Thus there are two points at the end of each arm, eight in all, representing the Beatitudes. (Matthew 5:3-10)

Between the arms of the cross are four lilies, the symbol of purity.
The four open spaces between the arms form four hearts, the symbol of loyalty.
The dangling appendage is a small dove, the symbol of the Holy Spirit.

As an ornament the Huguenots Cross is a beautiful testimony of the evangelical faith.