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Westmark Bean Slicer - Metal Clamp

Westmark Bean Slicer - Metal Clamp


Bean slicer aluminium

• ideal for slicing beans for soups and salads • with 3 hardened and sharpened knives • very solid with screw clamp

Effortless and rapid cutting

Cutting beans made easy! With the practical Westmark bean slicer, you can cut fresh beans for your soups, stews and salads in no time. Simply insert long beans into the cutting openings and turn the rotary crank for perfectly chopped pieces. Its hardened cutting blades allow you to prepare even large quantities of beans quickly and easily. The screw clamp for table mounting holds the cutter firmly and securely so that you can work safely.


• handwash recommended • Made in Germany • 5 years guarantee


aluminium; stainless steel;


123 x 140 x 265 mm