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BK Royal Dutch Oven (24cm)

BK Royal Dutch Oven (24cm)


The Royal Dutch Oven by BK Cookware is a unique object in the kitchen. The form of this roasting pan is derived from the Chinese yuanbao. The yuanbao was used in ancient China as currency. Today it is a lucky coin which symbolises prosperity and success. A special Chinese proverb is worked onto the underside of the roasting pan: it means more or less: “Everywhere in the world there are people who enjoy good food and drink; let us enjoy food together!”

The motif on the ceramic lid was designed by a master painter at Royal Delft. It is decorated with a lovely peacock motif in Delft Blue – a symbol for happiness and beauty. The lid has a special drop relief on the inside which ensures excellent cooking results. The roasting pan is topped by a shiny knob. All the expert knowledge and craftsmanlike skills of three Dutch companies have been united in this unique product, the BK Royal Dutch Oven.

• very high-quality 100 % recycled pure iron and steel
• made in the Netherlands
• dimples on the underside of the lid create even moisture distribution

Pan and lid are safe for use on/in
  • Stove Top (Gas, Induction, Electric)
  • Oven

Lid is dishwasher safe

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