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BK Q-Linair Master RVS Pan Set - 4 Pieces

BK Q-Linair Master RVS Pan Set - 4 Pieces


The BK Q-linair Master is a Dutch design that won three international design awards. The BK Q-linair Master pans have a high brushed stainless steel body and very high handles. This means that extra large portions can be prepared in one go and the pans can be stacked very compactly. The lids can be locked into the rim, under the handle, to allow safe pouring. The BK Q-linair Master has an encapsulated  base that ensures rapid heating and perfect heat distribution throughout the pan.

Set Includes: 3x Cooking Pots with lids (16, 18 & 20cm) | 1x Sauce Pan with lid 16cm

Stainless finish on pots and lids

Dishwasher safe | Ovenproof to 450F (230C)