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Cheese Curler - Boska Amigo

Cheese Curler - Boska Amigo


Beautiful and flavorful cheese curls are the perfect finishing touch for your dishes. They’re delicious when topping off an Italian pasta or a fresh salad. The Cheese Curler Amigo with Dome, with its stainless steel knife, is suitable for Tête de Moine or chocolate. Thanks to the five short pins around the board, you’ve got an extra firm grip on the cheese. Experience it yourself: a curly flair will make your dishes look and taste even better!

A simple twist of the handle is all this curler needs to start producing beautiful curls. They’re instantly ready to serve with a stylish flair. Use the dome to preserve the aromas of the cheese and keep it fresh longer. The cheese curler is easy to assemble and disassemble. That way, it takes up very little space and is ready to serve in no time. The cheese curler comes with a 10 year guarantee!

Pick up the delicious Tête de Moine cheese from Switzerland, and serve it with a glass of sherry. For those with a sweet tooth, place a chunk of chocolate on the Cheese Curler Geneva. Yum! Turn the cheese curler in a clockwise direction and use cheese that is fresh out of the fridge. The flavor is irresistible!

10 Year Guarantee
Partially Dishwasher Safe (hand wash wooden componants)