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Cheese Knife - Boska Oslo + (Pizza & Cheese)

Cheese Knife - Boska Oslo + (Pizza & Cheese)


Cutting pizzas is super easy with the Pizza & Cheese Knife Oslo+. Thanks to its two-handed system and slightly curved blade, the knife slices smoothly through hard crusts. The pizza knife is non-stick thanks to BSF™, made from stainless steel and features an extra sturdy oak handle. Also handy for cutting cheese.

Extra sturdy and safe pizza knife
The stainless steel of the blade runs all the way through to the handle. This makes the knife extra sturdy and very user-friendly. What's more, cutting with this knife is very safe because your fingers stay away from the blade area. That's because you use two hands when cutting while holding the two handles.

Knife with oak handles
This BOSKA pizza knife has two wooden handles, which means it's not dishwasher-safe. But pizza knives of this type are easy to clean by hand. A bit of warm water and dish soap is enough. Regularly spray the handles with BOSKA Board Oil to protect the wood from splitting and becoming damaged. This will help keep the pizza knife beautiful and functional for years to come.