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Cheese Grater - Boska Vienna

Cheese Grater - Boska Vienna


The Vienna Grater, with a handle made of smoked beech wood, you can easily and quickly make the tastiest grated cheese. Delicious on pasta, pizza or in soup. This handy grater is non-stick, dishwasher safe and suitable for grating semi-hard and hard cheese as well as cucumber, carrot and other vegetables.

This grater is an indispensable element in your collection of kitchen tools. The handy grater is ideal if you want to grate cheese at the table. Freshly grated cheese tastes infinitely better than store-bought grated cheese. It’s an invaluable tool for the true cheese lover!

The Cheese Grater Vienna is not only handy, but it also looks amazing. The grater comes with no less than a 10 year guarantee. It is suitable for semi-hard to very hard cheese. It’s an ideal addition to your kitchen!

10 Year Guarantee
Not Dishwasher Safe