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Cheese Slicer - Boska Monaco + Black (in Gift Box)

Cheese Slicer - Boska Monaco + Black (in Gift Box)


The Cheese Slicer Monaco+ Special Edition Black is the superstar among cheese slicers with a unique twist. With this show pony, you can create the most beautiful thin slices of semi-hard and hard cheese. This luxurious version of the Monaco+ will definitely stand out on your dinner table.

Prepackaged slices of cheese will be a thing of the past when you've got this black cheese slicer. When you create fresh slices of cheese, the cheese becomes oxygenated, which intensifies its flavor, just like wine. The patented non-stick treatment and the quilted pattern prevent the cheese from sticking while you're slicing. This makes slicing thin, tasty slices of cheese extremely easy.

10 Year Guarantee
Not Dishwasher Safe