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Cheese Grater - Boska Milano +

Cheese Grater - Boska Milano +


With the Cheese Grater Milano+ you can make the tastiest grated cheese quickly and easily. It's delicious sprinkled over your pizza and pasta or in soup! This handy grater is non-stick, dishwasher safe and suitable for grating both semi-hard and hard cheeses, as well as cucumbers, carrots and other vegetables. 


The advantage of freshly grated cheese is that it is much tastier than the pre-packaged variety. You also have the option to grate your favorite cheese and you are not bound to a certain type of cheese. So what are you waiting for? Grab this handy, non-stick grater and grate away!

This cheese grater is made of stainless steel. The extra long and improved handle is wonderfully comfortable to hold and is made of plastic. So, after use, the grater can simply go right into the dishwasher. This way, it is clean in a jiffy and ready for use again. Which cheese or vegetables are you going to grate first?

10 Year Guarantee
Dishwasher Safe