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Cheese Slicer - Boska Delft Blue (Mini)

Cheese Slicer - Boska Delft Blue (Mini)


The 11cm Cheese Slicer Mini Delft Blue combines an authentic Dutch charm with superb practicality and ease of use. The handle lies comfortably in your hand and has a stunning Delft Blue design. The pattern is hand painted. This cheese slicer is a welcome, fun addition to your beautifully plated cheese board!

Aside from the playful look of this slicer, it’s actually super functional as well. You’ll be able to slice semi-hard and hard cheeses with ease! The blade of the cheese slicer is made out of one piece of high quality stainless steel. That makes the cheese slicer extra sturdy and durable.

10 Year Guarantee
Dishwasher Safe