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Wiebe Van der Zee - Hand Towel Cow (Brown/Taupe)

Wiebe Van der Zee - Hand Towel Cow (Brown/Taupe)


Wiebe van der Zee has been inspired for years by Dutch cows and the Dutch landscape. Wiebe's fascinating scenes and detailed paintings evoke a lot of recognition and his collection provides a traditional Dutch feeling on your table.

A Wiebe Quote
"I am especially fascinated by the curiosity of cows. Groups of heifers often flock together when you stand as an 'outsider' at the edge of the meadow. Standing up to sniff the human scent by the cows is a typical posture depicted here in the watercolor. The title refers to the fact that cows enjoy being outside, often in wind and weather or on a cold, foggy day."

Bring cosiness into your kitchen with kitchen textiles from Wiebe van der Zee. This kitchen towel features a woven cow, typical of the Wiebe van der Zee collection. The kitchen towel has a hanging loop in the top right corner.


The Kitchen Towel Cow Taupe is 50x50 cm, made of 100% cotton and is machine washable at 60 degrees.