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Landana XO Jersey Gouda /kg

Landana XO Jersey Gouda /kg


Strong, extra matured and creamy in taste.

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Landana Jersey X.O. has a sensational, strong, extra matured and creamy taste. The cheese is naturally ripened on wooden shelves for at least 18 months. Fine salt and protein crystals in the cheese are a sign of perfect maturation. In short: real traditional craftsmanship! The strong, extra matured and creamy taste of Landana Jersey X.O. is delicious on a cheese plate, in salads and delicious as a snack.

CREAMIER: This pure Dutch Gouda is made from 100% non-skimmed milk, and is produced and ripened in a traditional way.
ALL NATURAL: Landana Jersey X.O. is suitable for vegetarians, low in lactose and free of unnecessary additives.
MORE SUSTAINABLE: The Jersey cow has the smallest ecological footprint of all cow breeds, making Landana Jersey X.O. also a more sustainable cheese.

Jersey Gouda is a high quality dairy product and therefore can be enjoyed by those with certain dairy sensitivities.