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Verstegen Potato (Aardappel) Shaker - 225g

Verstegen Potato (Aardappel) Shaker - 225g



Requirements (for 4 persons): 1 kg potatoes/ approx. ½ tbsp (5 g) Verstegen mix.

Method of preparation: boil, fry or mash the potatoes. 
After preparation, sprinkle the Verstegen mix over the boiled or baked potatoes, or mix it into the mashed potatoes.

Variation tip: mix 1 tsp of the Verstegen mix with 100 g crème fraîche and serve with baked potato. 
The Verstegen mix is ​​also delicious with potato salad.

Ingredients: Salt, maltodextrin, vegetables (12% onion, 2% garlic), spices (pepper, chilies, turmeric, cumin), sugar, aroma (contains flavor enhancer: monosodium glutamate, soy), smoke, aroma, spices
Allergens Contains: Soy