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Pack A Picnic!

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Posted on July 05 2022

Pack A Picnic!
We figured you could use some picnic inspiration!
We brought it all together! A sweet and spicy salad, hearty bitterballen bombs, and some light meats and cheeses. Pair all that with a refreshing strawberry lemon iced tea and you’ve got a deliciously special picnic meal! The location we’ll leave up to you. (We can’t do all the work)

Indonesian Noodle Salad


Salad Base

  • ½ pack Mie Noodles (4-6 nestjes)
  • 1 Cucumber
  • 2 Medium carrots
  • 2 Cups shredded cabbage
  • Shrimp
  • Peanuts - crumbled

Optional: make this a handheld meal by using as a filling in rice paper wraps!

The hero of this salad is the Wijko Satesaus. This peanut sauce is packed with Indonesian flavour and spices. Enhance it by adding the sweet soy sauce, some extra spice and a splash of lime and you’ll want to pair it with everything! It would also work great in stir fries.
The salad base is a great way to add whatever you like to this dish. The noodles go best with some crunchy accompaniments, hence the cucumber, carrot and cabbage. Shrimp are flavour sponges! I marinated mine in garlic, ginger and lime juice to match the aromas of the Wijko Satesaus then lightly fried them. Top with some peanut crumbs and you are good to go!

Bitterballen Bombs

The simplest things can often be amazing! 

Bitterballen + dinner roll + lettuce + mayo + mustard + crispy onions = EASY!

Holland Shopping Centre’s bitterballen come in convenient sized packs of 12 and are even available pre-fried if you don’t want to fry these up yourself. Simply heat the bitterballen and wrap in foil for transport. The crispy onions come fully prepared for you as well! Try these on other dishes as well. They are great on burgers, salads, casseroles etc. Dutch mayo and mustard have some bold notes to them which give your sandwiches some extra personality! The only things you need to source yourself are the dinner rolls and lettuce. I will be making these for many get-togethers!

Meat and Cheese Board

While I don’t really need to walk you through the workings of a meat and cheese board, I will point out some things that will make yours stand out!
Have you seen the little Henri Willig mini wheels of Gouda? These come in a bunch of different flavours, including the herb and garlic one that I used. These made great little wedges and the full wax casing will ensure it stays fresh for a long time!
Have you noticed that some aged Goudas have little white dots in them? During the aging process the salts in the cheese start to crystalize. This gives you great stalty pops of goodness spread throughout! In addition to being aged, the Caantenaar is also a light Gouda. It’s 30% lower in fat but doesn’t sacrifice its rich, bold flavour.
Salami’s hold their shape well and are great for getting creative and making a savory rose! Mix your meats by including some ham, sausage or poultry.

Strawberry Lemon Iced Tea

While none of us at Holland Shopping Centre are from “the south”, we do enjoy some sweet tea! Instead of regular black tea, substitute half or all for a fruity tea! We’ve got a great selection to choose from! Add sweetness as needed and some lemon slices for some extra oomph! 

Enjoy a picnic this summer with some great food. We can help!

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