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Find Gouda Pairing Perplexing? We Can Help!

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Posted on November 07 2023

Find Gouda Pairing Perplexing? We Can Help!

We can all throw cheese and a few snacks on a plate, but when we stop and think about what a cohesive assortment would look like, it can become overwhelming!

Let's explore different types of Gouda and discover the best pairings to enhance your tasting adventure, including some non-alcoholic drink options.

A Few "Rules" 

1) Match Strengths

Check if the strengths of the flavors match or one side of the pair will overpower the other.
For example, a delightfully pungent Masdaam or smoked gouda is going to require an equally assertive pairing (like red pepper jelly) so both sides of the relationship get equal billing with your taste buds.
Similarly, if you have a light-bodied wine, you’ll want a delicate mild gouda to match.

2) Go With Where It Grows

In the case of Gouda, traditional Netherland flavours can pair well! Krokets, mustard, licorice etc
Gouda also comes in many spiced options as well. Pair them by "locating" where the spices are from. Gouda with Italian spices pair with tomato and olives. Gouda with chilies pair well with Mexican flavours like chorizo, avocado, lime tortilla chips etc.

3) Use a Flavour "Bridge"

Bridges are ingredients that can help connect two otherwise contrasting flavors.
To help connect a salty bold goats gouda to a sweet port-wine for example you can use honey to connect or bridge the flavours. 

4) Keep it Simple

Pick 3-5 cheeses to start with. Too many options can make things unnecessarily complicated.

 Let's Sort The Goudas!


Mild Flavours and Creamy Textures

Mild (Belle de Holland, Grand'Or, Landana)
Beemster Graskaas
Frico Chevrette (Goat) Gouda
Beemster Goats Gouda
• Spreadable Mild Gouda* 
• Edam

Food Pairings:
• Fruit (pears, grapes, apples)
• Meat (ham*, turkey*, chicken)
Crackers, breadsticks, baguette
• Nuts (almonds, cashews, walnuts)
* available in-store only at Holland shopping Centre

Drink Pairings
• Wine (rosé, Riesling)
• Beer (Pilsner, IPA)
• Semi sweet ciders or non alcoholic apple ciders
• Tea (green, herbal)



Medium Flavours with Smooth Firm Textures

Medium (Belle de Holland, Grand'Or, Landana)
Flavoured (spiced cumin, pesto, tomato/olive, mustard, herb, chili, truffle etc.)
Beemster Vlaskaas
Landana aged Goats Gouda

Food Pairings:
• Fruit (apples, pomegranate, cherries, raspberries)
• Meat (salami*, prosciutto, rookworst*)
Crackersbreadsticks, Pretzels
• Mustard
• Krokets*, Frikandellen* & Bitterballen*
* available in-store only at Holland shopping Centre

Drink Pairings
• Wine (Chardonnay, Pinot Gris)
• Beer (amber ale, Belgian)
• Dry ciders
• Oolong Tea



Bold Flavour with Firm Crystalline Textures

Aged (Grand'Or, Landana)
1000 Day Gouda
Smoked Gouda
Old Mill (36 month)
Dutch Master - Rembrandt
Beemster Extra Aged or Classic
Aged Low Salt/Fat (Cantenaar, Slanke Anke, Vermeer, Beemster Light)

Food Pairings:
• Fruit (dried apricots or cherries, fig preserve, spicy red pepper jelly)
• Meat (peppered salami*, rookworst*, prosciutto)
• Dried fruit crackers, baguette
• Honey, apple syrup (appelstroop)
• Mango chutney, caramelized onions or ginger
• Balsamic reductions
• Krokets*, Frikandellen* & Bitterballen*
* available in-store only at Holland shopping Centre

Drink Pairings
• Wine (Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Shiraz) 
• Beer (stout, porter)
• Ginger Beer
Black Teas

Put Them Together!

1) Choose 3-5 cheeses

When selecting cheeses try to keep most of them within the same category. 

For example:
2 mild, 1 medium - Belle De Holland Mild, Beemster Graskaas, and Gouda with Cumin (Spiced Gouda) 

or 2 medium, 3 bold - Leyden, Gouda with olive/tomato, Landana aged goat, Smoked gouda, and Old Mill (36 month)

or 1 mild, 2 medium, 1 bold - Spreadable mild, Landana medium, Gouda with truffles, and Dutch Master - Rembrandt

2) Meat It Up

Mix and match your meats! Try for at least as many meats as cheeses, maybe 1 or 2 more!

3) Fill Your Vessel

Whatever you are presenting your masterpiece in/on make sure to fill it up with crackers, breads, fruits, nuts or preserves!

4) Serve With Drinks

Whatever you choose - alcohol, tea or something else - make sure that it does not overtake all your hard work!

5) Provide the Right Utensils

Add to the experience by keeping your guests 'hands on' with their cheese. Spread, slice or chip off a bit for yourself while you're at it.
We carry a large selection of Boska utensils, most of which come with a 10 year guarantee! Amazing!


Whether you're savoring the tanginess of Goat Gouda, the richness of Mild Gouda, or the boldness of Smoked Gouda, there are endless possibilities for creating the perfect cheese pairings. So, gather your favorite accompaniments, experiment with various Gouda varieties, and embark on a flavorful journey into the wonderful world of Gouda cheese pairings!


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