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Tompoezen For Koningsdag!

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Posted on April 24 2023

Tompoezen For Koningsdag!


Every year the Dutch commemorate their monarch's birthday! King Willem-Alexander's is celebrated on April 27th.

Every year the country is festively clothed in red, white, blue and a LOT of orange! The foods are no exception!

This year we kept in simple by using a tompoezen box mix from Smelik!

If you've never heard of tompoezen before they are made from two thin and flakey pastry slices with a vanilla custard filling between them and glazed with icing on top! A kind of crispy cousin to the cream puff!

Smelik's mix requires no baking and very few additional ingredients and tools!
The only ingredient you need to add is 125ml of either milk or water.
The simplicity of this mix means everyone can enjoy making them. My toddler did most of the work herself.

The box contains: 2 pastry packs, 2 custard mixes, and 2 icing pouches. Each set of ingredients makes 3 tompoezen. You can make both sets at the same time (6 tompoezen) or save a set for another time.


First you'll need to make the custard filling!

Empty the custard mix into a bowl, add in 125ml of milk and stir until combined.

Note: if you are following the pictured directions exactly you will need some kitchen towels on hand and perhaps a top-up of milk


Cut each of the two pastry sheets into 3 slices. For a total of 6 slices.

Liberally spread custard on 3 of the pastry slices.

Top all 3 with another slice of pastry.

Drizzle with icing.
(submerge icing pack in hot water until icing is the desired consistency before drizzling) 

And it's complete!

Enjoy alongside your loved ones whether young or young at heart!


But wait... these don't look like the main blog post picture...

Yeah, there's only so much you can do with a toddler helping. After she was in bed I prepared the other half of the box kit!
With some small changes...


With my tompoezen 2.0 I added 1 cup of prepared whipped cream to the custard mixture for a silkier and lighter texture.

Then instead of spreading the custard mixture with a knife I used a piping bag to give them a more refined look.

I also added some blueberries to one as an experiment and found that the fruit added some welcome freshness! 

I played around with the icing a bit as well. 
To get more into the spirit of Koningsdag I added some orange food colouring!
I ended up using way to much food colouring and turned the icing into a neon orange that could probably have been seen from space! So I made a new batch with icing sugar and a splash of milk then SLOWLY added some of the neon batch into it until an aesthetically pleasing orange emerged.
Then I played around with marbling the two oranges together to get the pictured result.

Finally I topped them with a dollop of whipping cream!


Whether sticking to the box instructions or adding some flair of your own, these tasty treats are great for any occasion!

Click here for the link to the Smelik Tompoezen mix
Or visit us in store!


I may have to play with these closer to Christmas as well... Maybe a tompoezen house instead of a gingerbread house...
Food for thought!

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