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Valentines: A LOVE-ly Excuse for Pannenkoeken!

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Posted on February 06 2024

Valentines: A LOVE-ly Excuse for Pannenkoeken!



Spread some love with this favourite! The Dutch pancakes: Pannenkoeken!


Let's Compare Some Pancakes:

American Pancakes
15cm (6") diameter | thick and fluffy | topped with butter and syrup

French Crepes
18-20cm (7-8") diameter | paper thin | filled with cream and fruit then rolled

Dutch Pannenkoeken
30-32cm (12-12.5") diameter | thin, chewy & light | filled with butter and brown sugar then rolled

Obviously the toppings are customizable to each household or craving.

American style pancakes - thick boys French style crepes - skinny boys Dutch Style pannenkoeken - the perfect size


Let's Make Some Pannenkoeken!

Makes: 10 large pancakes
Prep Time: 5 min
Cook Time: 15-20 min

a triple stack of red pancakes topped with whipped cream, berries and syrup

You'll Need

• 1 pkg Jumbo Pannenkoek mix 
• 3 large eggs
• 800ml milk
• red food colouring (optional)
• butter (or oil)
• toppings of choice
         • Dr Oetker bourbon vanilla whipped cream
         • berries
         • Van Gilse syrup
         • mint

Drips of red food colouring being added to milk, it looks like love! 3 eggs in the pancake mix, no shells of course toddler hands using a whisk to mix the pancake mix, she's doing great Flavour bomb: bourbon vanilla sugar being added to the whipped cream

1. stir food colouring into milk
2. to a large bowl add in the pancake mix, eggs and milk
3. whisk until well combined and set aside
4. in a mixer add 250ml of heavy cream and 1/2pk of bourbon vanilla sugar
whisk on high until stiff peaks form
5. prepare berries as desired
6. pre-heat a 30cm (12") frying pan on a medium heat
7. butter the pan then add a soup ladle of batter to the pan and tip pan to coat the whole thing
8. flip when batter dries and fry for another minute or until browned as desired 
9. keep warm while you fry the rest

To serve

10. marvel at the size of the pannenkoek ("Wow, it's bigger than the plate!")
11. across the center place berries, syrup and whipped cream
12. roll up
13. top with more whipped cream and syrup

a rolled up red pancake on a plate, it's prettier than it sounds.

A weekly occurrence in our household! (not as always pretty as these perhaps, but delicious!)


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pancake mix Bourbon vanilla sugar Van Gilse Syrup

Some Other Uses For These Products

Jumbo Pancake mix: use as directed or use to coat apple or pear slices then deep fry! Easy appelflappen!

Dr Oetker Bourbon Vanilla Sugar: also great for flavouring your coffee, cake, cookies, icing/glazes, or to bake on top of scones and muffins!

VanGilse Sugar Syrup: its deep earthy molasses-like taste is great on pancakes! Also great for baking (pecan pie, gingerbread), meat marinades, and barbeque sauces.

*note: watch out for snooping fingers as usual

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