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Jumbo Cup-A-Soup - Cream of Tomato - 3x20gr.

Jumbo Cup-A-Soup - Cream of Tomato - 3x20gr.


Instant powder for tomato-cream soup

Ingredients Tomato 28,7% sugar Potato starch Glucose syrup Yeast extract (barley) salt Whole hardened coconut fat Palm fat Aroma (barley) onion Milk protein 0.9% parsley Lavas Stabilizer: E340 natural aromas marjoram Dietary acid: citric acid beetroot Emulsifier: E471 Rosemary Dye: carotenes
Allergens: barley (gluten), milk. Can contain traces of celery.

Instrustions: Put the contents of the bag in a cup. Add 175 ml boiling water and stir. Leave for 1 minute before use.