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Jumbo Natural (Light) Gravy Mix - 20g.

Jumbo Natural (Light) Gravy Mix - 20g.


Gravy powder for gravy with a reduced fat content, at least 30% less fat than Jumbo jus natural.

Pan: melt 25 g of butter and let it brown slightly. Add 250 ml of cold water and the contents of the bag. Then bring to the boil while stirring (with a whisk). Cook for 2 minutes at a moderate temperature.

Ingredients: Potato starch, Wheat flour, Salt, Sugar, Maltodextrin, Tomato powder, Yeast extract, Onion powder, Roasted onion, Onion, Sulfite ammonia caramel, Parsley, Palm fat, Aromas, Clove

Contains Wheat and Gluten