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Silvo Gehakt Breton Spice Mix - 40gr.

Silvo Gehakt Breton Spice Mix - 40gr.


Since 1833 Silvo brings you passion and expertise in this familiar mix for minced meat with the fresh taste of leeks and mushrooms.

Ingredients Bread crumbs (contains wheat) glucose spices 9.2% (dried onion, celery seed, garlic powder, white pepper, nutmeg) salt 8% skimmed milk powder flavor enhancer: mono sodium glutamate red peppers leeks 2% aroma (contains barley, wheat) rapeseed oil mushroom parsley yeast extract Total content of herbs and spices: 9.7%.

Preparation method • Knead the mix and an egg with 500g minced meat. • Roll into meatballs. • Heat the butter or oil in a pan and bake the meatballs until brown and fully cooked. • Do not add salt, pepper or breadcrumbs. Tip • Delicious with a tomato salad with a pinch of Silvo celery leaves and potato croquettes.